Funeral and Memorial Services

Cremations have become increasingly popular over the years due to the lower cost, the quicker process, and the wider range of available individualized options. With the rise of requests, Corey-Kerlin opened our own private crematory in 1973 in order to offer more affordable cremations in Jacksonville, FL compared to other funeral homes, as well as give you back your loved one as quickly as possible.  Scroll down to read more about cremations, then call one of our two locations and speak with one of our experienced funeral directors to learn more about the personalized cremation services we can offer you and your family.

Our location information is at the bottom of this page, but here are the phone numbers if you would like to go ahead and call us:

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Create Healing Experiences


Cremation service has become a popular option for many people because it can be more flexible as to where and when you hold a service. You can have a traditional funeral service before a cremation or a memorial service at any time, with or without the urn present. You can keep the urn, scatter the ashes or have the urn buried in a grave or columbarium where we can hold a service. Whether you choose burial or cremation, we’re here to offer you a meaningful ceremony.

Burial Services


Our dedicated staff will take care of all details, including prompt filing of required permits and notifications. Accurate completion of these essential documents not only ensures their acceptance by local or state agencies; it guarantees your loved one's cremation will not be delayed.

Your loved one will be attended to by certified crematory operators; each of whom has been trained to provide both compassionate care for the deceased, and conscientious attention to detail throughout the cremation process.

We know it's important for the families we serve to know their loved one will be coming home as soon as possible. That's why we promise to notify you as soon as their ashes become available, and safeguard their urn until the time you are ready to receive them.

Funeral Services

cremation costs

When we opened our crematory, we did so with the purpose to offer the most affordable and professional cremation services in Jacksonville, FL. Cremation typically costs one-third of the cost of a traditional burial. Our most affordable option is direct cremation, a package that includes the cremation and a temporary boxed-urn for the ashes. We also offer packages that include memorial services, funeral services, burials, and more. 

Memorial service & celebration of life

Memorial service & celebration of life

Our experience has shown us that many of today's families want more than a traditional funeral. This can be done by bringing more of the personality and lifestyle of the deceased into the arrangements. By displaying photographs or staging the event around a favorite pastime, a memorial service can become more personal and meaningful.

If a personalized memorial service suits the needs of your family, we suggest you consider the following questions:
  • What did your loved one like to do?
  • What was he or she like as an individual?
  • What was their profession and how did that shape their life?
  • Was your loved one spiritual?
  • Was he or she proud of their cultural or ethnic heritage? 

Using the above five questions as our guide, we will spend the time to help create a fitting memorial service for your loved one. Please call us to learn the details of our memorial service planning process.

You Can Never Go Back and Do it Over

Some say it’s harsh to remind you of this, but we know we must. We want you to honor your loved one in a way that allows you to look back, years from now, and be thankful that you did the best you could to honor their life. Creating a ceremony that calls together the hearts and minds of all who loved them is a gift to everyone involved. A gift of memories, a gift of healing...a truly priceless gift of peace-of-mind.

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